Oct 30, 2008

who knew?

Like I said I am home sick/recovering today. Which gave me time to research my Thyroid problem, and medication. This has been an ongoing issue in my life for years now, perhaps before we even knew it was one. I started having what looked like seizures in my Junior year of High School but it was not till about four years later that any doctor thought that my tremmors may infact be linked to a thyroid problem. So way back in oh 2000 ish (I think) My doctor let me know I had graves desease which meant that my thyroid was over producing hormones that in turn effect the rest of my body. Bummer. So I opted to take Radio Active Iodine.

Yep I chose to swallow radioactive pills to effectively kill my thyroid. The problem aside from being radio active for a few weeks was that the RAI treatment did not work. My thyroid levels were still off the charts. So I took the pills a second time with similar results. My doctor at the time suggested a third round, but I opted out considering it did not seem to be working and they mentioned that they had accidentally managed to kill my pituitary gland instead. Oops.

Then I was put on some thyroid drug to help my levels but instead of helping, everything in my body went kinda haywire for a few months after which I stopped the drugs, and decided that due to a lack of improvement and insurance I would just ignore the problem.

My mistake, because years later when I walked into my new doctors office for my initial check up she took one look at me and said, "you have a thyroid problem don't you?" I filled her in and she let me know that she was fairly certain that my Thyroid had finally kicked the bucket sometime in the last two years. Which was probably the reason I had gained weight, and was having trouble concentrating, as well as sleeping, and feeling depressed. So we ran some tests and low and behold she was right. (A first time I have had a doctor be right on purpose)

She got me taking some thyroid replacement medication
Synthroid or Levoxal but, which at first really seemed to boost my energy, but quickly seemed to be doing nothing. Then she switched me to Armor which is a natural form. It is made from pig thyroid, she explained that it is not as widely used and can be harder to find, but that she thought it would do a better job for my body.

I have to admit that until today I was begining to lose faith in this Armour thyroid, I am on my third or fourth round of perscriptions each at a higher dose, because we have not been able to get my levels high enough. Each time we change the dose my body has to readjust, and this I was getting fed up. Which is why today as I was laying here, trying to recoup from my smack down last night, and still feeling crummy as well as just starting a higher dose of 120mg up from 90mg I began my research.

My research has restored my faith in my doctor, whom I love, and given me hope that this drug will infact do the trick once the right dosage is found. Here are some links to sites that helped, incase there are those of you out there with similar problems.


Armour Thyroid and Thyrolar

Stop The Thyroid Maddness

My hope and purpose in writing this somewhat long post is that those of you who like me are feeling frustrated with your current thyroid issues will be encouraged to know that you are not alone, and that there are answers.

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