Jul 31, 2008

Turning a new page

I had never thought of myself as much of a reader until just recently when on a questionnaire I was asked to list the books I had read this year. At first it seemed like an easy task, perhaps even the easiest of all the questions I was being asked, but then as I started my list I realized this was not as simple as I had originally thought. In fact I could not even recall all of the books that I have took up this year. So I went to my GoodReads page to see if it could help jog my memory. It was then that I realized it was not that I was losing my ability to recall simple facts, it was that I had read way, way more books than one could hope to remember.

Turns out I can now consider myself an avid reader. A term I had deemed my sister, Krista long ago, but never thought of applying to myself. I still remember a time way back when I hated to read, not because I wasn't good, at it, but just because there was so much to do with friends that I couldn't comprehend wanting to snuggle up with a good read when I could be out with a great friend. That was back in 4th or 5th grade. Since that time I have fallen in love with a few great books, but it had never occurred to me that somewhere along the way I had simply fallen in love with reading.

You still won't find me with a fictional story in my hands most the time, as I just have a hard time enjoying that brand of writing. Though there are a few exceptions to that rule, and they are some of my favorites. For the most part I love tales of travel, and of real life. And I tend to always have some spiritual readings lying about. The books that I am most surprised to find that I enjoy are cookbooks, I mean I never in a million years would have envisioned myself buying a cookbook just for a good read, but somehow I have been able to not only develop a love affair with books but with cooking as well and combine the two and well then I am just jazzed. The best books for me are those that combine; food, travel and cooking with just the right amount of humor, cause who doesn't want to laugh? It's hard to find that perfect book more than once, but I keep trying. I have found a few.

As I read over my Good Reads list and tried to sort out this years reads from previous years reads I discovered that perhaps for the first time in my life I have read more books than I have gone to see films. Amazing, more amazing still if you know me. This is not due to a lack of film going on my part, just an increase in the book buying. Yes I know it is cheaper to borrow from the library, but I feel bad writing in those books. It is also not really more cost effective if you are like me and fail to return the books on time. Plus I lost my library card a long time ago, back when I never read, and when I went to try to get a new one the librarian lectured me on responsibility and how dangerous it was to leave my card lying around, someone might be checking out books in my name, (it's a dangerous world) needless to say she would not replace my missing card. In fact I think her exact words were that I could not have a new card till I brought my old one back. Humm. yeah, so bookshops it is.

Jul 6, 2008

You asked for it...

well at least some of you have asked for it. So I have finally started the new blog; local girl. It is all about all the places I check out in the Santa Cruz area. I hope you enjoy. (the blog and the places I recommend.)

quotes i love

  • "they will never care how much you know until they know how much you care."
  • "never be afraid to trust a well known God with an unknown future." - Corrie Ten Boom
  • "God doesn't need you, He loves you, that is much better."
  • "the world has yet to see what God can do through a man/woman who is totally commited to him." - D.L. Moody
  • "be who you is, cause if is ain't who you is, you is who you ain't."-
  • "some people say movies should be more like real life. I say real life should be more like the movies."