Oct 18, 2008

Free is so sweet!

Like I just mentioned I went and switched from Verizon to AT&T today! This is not only great because it means that I will pay less monthly, Sweet! It is also great because I can actually use my phone in my apartment! Super Sweet. If you don't live around here, you may be thinking what? Yep Verizon got next to no signal at my little place deep in the Redwoods. So now I can enjoy chatting on my phone while lying on my bed, or cooking in my kitchen or whatever else one normally can do while talking on the phone. Where as the past two years I have had to lean my head against my sliding glass door and hope and pray that the other person was hearing me. To top it all off, I got a $230 ish phone for oh wait...NOTHING! FREE! That's right and it has 9 hours of talk time, and some sweet extra features like a pedometer and the radio, plus a sweet camera with little extras like panoramic shoot, and other stuff. And the best part it is not a Razor.

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Pastor Randy said...

Welcome...Finally...to the Network the Really works!!! At least in our mountains!

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