Jan 2, 2008

One Fish Two Fish Now I Have Me A Blue Fish

For Christmas one of my students Brianna wanted to get me a new fish. It was not till today that we both had time to go pick out the new addition to my fishy family. We made the most of the time though, and went to lunch at Sweet Pea Cafe, for amazing crepes. While waiting on our order Brianna, Lizzie (my little sister) and I played a few rounds of cards. I totally lost the first time but I redeemed myself, and beat the pants of them in the last round. After enjoying our various crepe creations we headed back to Scotts Valley to the pet store. As we drove Brianna read my new book, Nasty Bits by Anthony Bordain out loud to us. Man can we multi task. Lizzie finds my taste in books despicable, but I think I won Brianna over.

We arrived at the pet store slightly more educated on fish, or at least how one might enjoy seal if they ever needed to. With our new found appreciation for fish we headed inside to pick out the newest fish for my office. We spent a good while looking at each tank, and finally we picked out the fish pictured.

Again the guy at the pest, oops I mean pet store questioned my ability to raise fish. Concerned by my apparent lack of concern for his advice on mixing other fish with my gold fish. This one is tropical but not salt water, I would have maybe paid him slightly more heed had the tank at the store even been hearted, but it was icy cold, so if the tropics are chilly this time of year, than I suppose his point was valid. I will take my chances, seeing as last time they said I needed a 30 gallon tank for two little gold fish. I did get the tropical flakes for my new fish to munch on, only to get back and discover they contain all of the same ingredients as the gold fish flakes, except with shrimp added to enhance the color. Which the guy at the pet store said we did not need, the shrimp that is.

Seriously I think these pet store people take the fish selling a bit to seriously, its not like I am buying them to torture them or feed them to other fish, just for sport. I know some people do that, but would I really spend 30 min picking out a fish just to turn around and feed it to another fish? It's not like they are good at taking care of the fish they have in the store, all the tanks are dirty and there are dead fish floating in some.

Okay so that was a defendant rant. And kinda random, so I guess I wrote it on the appropriate blog. And of course with the new fish comes the task of naming yet another member of my fishy family. He (it could be a she, but I like boys better) is the only one without a partner, and it looks like it is sporting a mohawk so give me some names...

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