Feb 11, 2009

Sick Day

Every year for the past oh I don't know 6 years I think I have spent this week watching my little brother and sister. When I started I think Jordan was 2 and Lizzie was 8. (I really don't remember how long it's been) I watch them so my parents can get away and go the the Pastor's and Wives convention in San Diego.

Every year is different and this year Jordan is sick. Started with stomach issues and has morphed into a high fever and sore throat with headache. Jordan is not the kid who gets sick very often, so this is totally new to him. He is not the normal sick kid. Most kids that I know when they are sick want to lay on the couch or in bed all day watching TV or movies, sleeping or laying low. Jordan on the other hand, wanted to clean his closet out so we could turn it into a secret hide out. He also wanted to invent something, and oh yeah he wanted to be sure he got his home work and his class work done, so I went to the school before class this morning and met with his teacher, got the directions on how to construct a valentine castle, and all the parts.
We did sort through his whole closet, threw out most of the stuff, and then added an arm chair, rug and a table. Then to fulfill the invention request we made a lamp out of a gumball machine, electric parts from the garage, and marbles to look like gumballs. Of course there was some TV watching, but he did his homework while he watched.

Somewhere in there I found time to do all my work for the day.

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Brittany said...

Jordan is so lucky to have such a great sister! What a fun sick day!

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