Nov 17, 2008


I feel like I should have my own medical blog just to keep you all up to date on the medical stuff. Thanks to all of you who have been praying for me these last few weeks. For those of you who care about the latest keep reading...(those of you who don't should have already stopped)

Here is the time line and answers as I know them:

Oct. 30th - Started feeling really crummy (thought it was the flu)

Oct. 30th - Switched from 90mg of Armour Thyroid to 120mg.

Oct. 31st- tried to take it easy, but allowed myself to go to the Amazing Black and White party

Nov. 4th - Thought I might just be really excited that Obama won when my heart started racing decided it was not that exciting so I took myself to the ER. See old post if you care that much.

Nov. 8th - Heart began racing again. Went to the ER again. Wore a holter monitor home for 24 hours, after another 5 hours in the ER. Lots of fun.

Nov. 10th - Saw a fill- in doc at my doctors office because my Doc was out of town. That was pointless. Got a massage, cause I was still feeling crummy. Everything even my fingers and toes hurt.

Nov. 12 - Saw the Endocrinologist he was looking at me because I was having a hard time swallowing and that was only getting worse. He ruled out a connection to the thyroid, and said that the heart problems were most likely from the increased thyroid.

Nov. 14th - Saw my Dr. she agreed with the endocrinologist so we lowered the Armour back to 90mg. She wanted me to see an ENT to get my throat looked at. Which the other doc had thought of too. Along with taking stuff for acid reflux in the mean time. She also discovered that I have Parvovirus B19 which is why I feel like crap. All my joints are swollen and sore and I am extremely tired because of this. Which is great! I am glad to have a name for it, but sad because there is no treatment, except time, rest and Ibprophen. It can last for months. Joy.

Nov. 17th - Saw the ENT, not my favorite idea, seeing as in High School I had to have nasal reconstructive surgery and in college another ENT discovered that the first ENT totally screwed up. Needless to say I am not a fan of the ENT's. So today New ENT stuck a scope up my nose and down my throat, and discovered that I do infact have Acid Reflux. So I will be taking more meds. I also need an X-ray to be sure I can swallow, so I have to swallow nasty stuff and then get an X-ray. Oh and I have to see a GI doctor, just to be sure that there is noting beyond my vocal cords that is a problem. Which means a different scope stuck down my throat.

So coming soon I will have more to report, but for now I am on 90mg of Armour Thryoid till Dec. then 115mg. I am on 4times the normal dose of Prilocect and I need to avoid all food and drinks that I enjoy, sleep on an incline, and stop eatting late at night.

thanks for caring enough to read all this.

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