May 6, 2008

Times Remembered

I went to the middle school today at lunch. Which is not abnormal (for me) I usually go once a week. I go with my good friend Brittany and we wander about the school during lunch hour (we get badges from the office to be "official") saying hi to the students. I love it.

We do this every week at the High School too, but its different. Sure a few high school students say hi and greet us warmly, but usually it is the same bunch and that is fine. At the middle school we often find ourselves surrounded by a mass of students eager to give us hugs, and share their latest crush, trend, word of the day, and even their lunch at times.

Today though, today was like a flashback to my own middle school days. As I watched my little sister interact with her new "boyfriend". I watched as she ran up and grabbed his hat, and quickly set it upon her own head. (which looked much better if you ask me) I saw him start to protest and then realize who it was and decide it was okay.

Oh, how I remember those days. How simple and uncomplicated it all seems now, but thinking back I can recall how I had butterflies and how I all the sudden felt grown up. Part of me briefly wanted to return to those simple flirty relationships for a moment today, as I saw her smile and could see the excitement of it all. But, then there is part of me that is so glad that my Jr. High years are well over and done with.

They were fun while they lasted though.


Matt & Heather Troxell said...

I so agree!

Pastor Randy said...

WHAT?! You had a boyfriend in junior high?!

Over my dead body! ;o)

Jennifer said...

Junior high....lots of memories. A lot of them involved Chris pulling my hair or sticking gum in my hair or the horrors of gum class. I'm SO glad that's over!

Remember how the lunch yard smelled like rotten mac and cheese? :-)

trinity said...

Not only that but all the seagulls crapping on people as if Jr. High is not awkward enough. And the Bees everywhere.

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