May 16, 2008

Baseball Fever

It was bound to happen sooner or later I suppose, considering that two of my best friends are Baseball addicts ( not know every single detail of the sport from conception to today). I have officially caught Baseball Fever. Or at least I was really hot while watching the Giants game yesterday, and it went to my head. Literally, I bought a Giants cap.
It was a great day for a game in San Fransisco, the sun was out and shining brightly down upon us. The fans were in good spirits and the Giants were playing a great game. Leading 7-3 all the way until the top of the 8th against the Astros. Of course it didn't hurt that we were enjoying it all from the 8th row right behind third base.

While all of that made for a great day at the park I think what really sold me on Baseball is the spirit of it all. The families the fans, the perfect day, the grass the uniforms, hot dogs, vendors, caps, and cold drinks, and cheering.

So I guess its official that I am a fan. Not an addict yet but a fan.

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Jennifer said...

I know, I going to baseball games, too! We went to several Angel's games while in Huntington Beach, so fun! I want to make it up to Atlanta for a Braves game before we leave here, although I'm not sure that Aiden could handle 3 hours in one place... :-)

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