Apr 23, 2008

The Tenth Muse My Life In Food

Remember when I said, that next time I head downtown I planned on picking up a copy of The Tenth Muse My Life in Food

Well, it was not the very next time I went downtown, but it was the next time I went downtown with money. I have to admit that when I first saw it, I though to myself that maybe this was not the book for me, but I remembered back to the article I had read about it, and about Judith Jones, and gave in. I am so glad I did. This is why you should not judge a book on its cover. As I am all too often guilty of doing. In fact I can honestly yet ashamedly admit that most of the books I buy are based not on what is on the cover as much as how the cover/book feels in my hand. Silly I know, but a good book often becomes like a good friend that you want to cuddle up with in bed (okay a really really good friend)or on the couch, and who wants a rough, heavy, stiff book to snuggle up with. I don't and that is why I am sure I have missed out on many a good book. Thankfully God gave me more senses than just my sense of touch as valuable I I hold that to be, and I have bought three books of late that have not been smooth, light, and or bendable. All three of which I love.
Which, brings me back to the book I was speaking about, by Judith Jones. The Tenth Muse, is a book written(I like to believe) for me. Not only am I drawn into the captivating yet simple life of its author, but I am fascinated with the insight into the history of food and foodie culture. As if those two things were not enough tucked in the back are recipes. Not your normal ones either. There are recipes for the single person, which I am and can never find good recipes for along with great offerings from both France and America. There is even a recipe for brains if you like that sort of thing. I am not sure I am quite that intense of a foodie just yet, but you never know when that could come into play.
Jones, somehow found herself so intertwined with the changing food culture both here in America and in France that her life story seems to be in itself the tale of how we as a nation went from thinking of food as nothing more than a necessity and a hassle to our seemly love affair we have entered into now.
If you are a foodie, or dream of being a foodie then you should pick up a copy of this book the next time you are downtown with a little extra cash.

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