Feb 9, 2010

Just an idea

As I have been spending the last 10 days thinking A LOT about Haiti and the people there I have come up with an idea. I thought this might be a good place to air it out.

What if in stead of handing out tents and tarps to those left homeless by the quake, we pull up some ships and load them up with anyone wanting a place to stay. Now hear me out.

There are lots of old military ships or cruise ships that are waiting to be bought or scrapped, so if instead for the time being they were lent to the relief efforts we could offer safe dry housing to the 30,000 Haitians who are without. While they are on board they can get cared for, fed and even start getting their records taken care of.

Meanwhile on shore workers can start to remove all the rubble and begin to help rebuild PORT-AU-PRINCE. If, desired people could be transported back and forth from the ships to the land to help with the reconstruction and care of the new city. Others could take classes online, to help them in the future. Those who escaped from prison or who cause problems can be taken to a "prison boat" so they are no longer a threat to those just trying to survive. Mostly it would provide a central location and safety for the people who desire it so that we could more effectively help them begin the recovery process. Grief counselors and doctors could have other boats like Mercy Ships that those in need of medical care could be taken too. This would provide a cleaner more effective way of meeting the needs of people and begin to cut down on the diseases that are only going to worsen in the rainy season that is about to unfold.

I know that this would take a large effort, but in the long run big picture I think it is a more workable plan. Hey its a plan. One that cares for the needs of people and provides a way to get them out of the way so that demolition and rebuilding can begin.


Brittany said...

Something just like this was done after Hurricane Katrina. Can't remember hearing anything specifically bad about it. It's definitely an idea that should be floated out there!

Anonymous said...

Great idea..they could take the old mothball fleet over.They are just hanging out by benecia forever,.write to Govenator..maybe He can donate them..:)

trinity said...

Thanks for the support, I am floating the idea out there, Sent the idea to President Obama, Ellen and Oprah

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