Sep 15, 2008


I don't know about you, but sometimes I need change. For me it is often a sudden if not spontaneous urge. It is usually something little, often unnoticed, like driving a different route to and from normal locals. But sometimes I am in need of a more noticeable shift, a new job or something. This time it was somewhere between taking a new road and getting a new job. I dyed my hair.

If we have met you may be thinking big change your hair often enough. True. Thanks for noticing. But normally when I switch my hair I leave it to the professionals. This time I took matters into my own spontaneous hands.

On Saturday my plans went out the window, I was restless, so I took myself down to the local drug store with the color black in mind. Upon arrival I realized I was not in the mood for black and I had done it before. So I picked out a color called "cherry chocolate mousse." Why I was in the mood for food colored hair I still don't know, but it was what caught my fancy.

Back at the bungalow I mixed up the dye and went to work applying my yummy sounding but not so great smelling hair product. Then comes the hard part. Waiting. I sat. I then rinsed and dried and applied the highlights. Again the waiting. The rinsing, drying and styling. Ahhh...Wa-la A little longer than an hour after my intial inclination for change I went from light brown, to deep red.

Until that moment I had never in my life considered what I would look like with dark red hair with highlights. But there I was looking at the new version of me in the mirror. Change can be scary...but it is also fun. Its been three days, and I like the red. Who knows how long it will last, but for now I am kinda liking the change.


Brandon K. Baker said...

Aha! Finally you admit that it is a bungalow!

Jennifer said...

Very cute!

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