Feb 10, 2008

soul changes

All Done
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Well friends, I did it. I finally got my tattoo. For those of you wondering what the junk my foot says allow me to translate...Om Namah Shivaya. Which we would describe as "I honor the divinity that resides within"

Why? Why did I permanently mark this down on my foot? I am glad you asked. It is for several reasons.

1. I read a book earlier in the year which many of you have also read titled Eat, Pray, Love. This phrase comes straight from those pages. The book changed my way of viewing and responding to life.

2. I do strive to honor the Divinity that resides within me. For me that is the Lord of the Bible. I believe that my body is His dwelling place, and I choose to do my best to honor Him with my life. This serves as a reminder to do so.

3. It is on my foot to further remind me to allow Him to lead me and to follow willingly my God.

4. As many of you know this year I have taken part in a spiritual retreat where I ask God each day for the grace that all my intentions actions and thoughts be solely for the praise and service of God.

5. For me this is a marker of the transformation that has been taking place within my own soul this year. Some people set up alters, to remind them of times where they have encountered God. This is that alter, but I get to have it with me always.


Jennifer said...

Woo-hoo! Welcome to the dark side!! Just kidding. I like it! I have a "tramp stamp" (as Chris calls it) on my lower back of a claddaugh, and I totally love it. I want to get another one, something for my boys, but I haven't figured out exactly what I want it look like. I figure I better be sure, since it will always be with me!

Anyway, I have a friend who got a tattoo on her foot and she said it hurt like crazy. Did it hurt?

JennToodles said...

Very cool Trin!

trinity said...

I went with a girl from my Youth Group the Saturday before for her 18th Birthday, and she and my friend Faith her guardian both got Tattoo's, I was going to get mine done then as well, but their wasn't time. So they came with me Sat. to get mine.

Both of them experienced some pain, nothing unbearable but they were white knuckled. Alyssa got hers on her foot, and it hurt.

My experience was quite painless. In fact Faith kept telling me to at least act like it hurt. Plus the guy was done in about ten minutes.

My favorite part about my tattoo artist is that his name is Mac and his dogs name is Cheese.

Did yours hurt?

Jennifer said...

Not really, it felt more like an eraser burn. I think it was more irritating than anything else. The only thing that made me cringe a little was when she was going directly over my spine, that was kind of uncomfortable! But she was really fast, my tattoo is pretty big, but she was finished in about 30 minutes.

They are totally addicting though! Mine hadn't even healed yet and I wanted another one. Chris and I both got tattoos when he was home on leave the first time he was in Iraq, so I think that since he will be home for leave in a few months, we should go get another one together. His is very cool, he got a red, white and blue eagle on his back. Did you know that Christa has 4 or 5 tattoos?

quotes i love

  • "they will never care how much you know until they know how much you care."
  • "never be afraid to trust a well known God with an unknown future." - Corrie Ten Boom
  • "God doesn't need you, He loves you, that is much better."
  • "the world has yet to see what God can do through a man/woman who is totally commited to him." - D.L. Moody
  • "be who you is, cause if is ain't who you is, you is who you ain't."-
  • "some people say movies should be more like real life. I say real life should be more like the movies."