Mar 27, 2007

Stickin With It

So this is my new ride. Cool right? Yep. But not when you have never driven a stick. But don't you worry this girl is stickin' with it. I am going to make this car look good. Which means having to look like an idiot for a day or two as I kill it in intersections and do my best to avoid rolling backwards on hills. SO if you live in Santa Cruz County and you see this cute car jetting about give a girl a break and back off. No one is perfect, give me a little time and I might even give you a ride, if you are nice.

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quotes i love

  • "they will never care how much you know until they know how much you care."
  • "never be afraid to trust a well known God with an unknown future." - Corrie Ten Boom
  • "God doesn't need you, He loves you, that is much better."
  • "the world has yet to see what God can do through a man/woman who is totally commited to him." - D.L. Moody
  • "be who you is, cause if is ain't who you is, you is who you ain't."-
  • "some people say movies should be more like real life. I say real life should be more like the movies."