Sep 19, 2009

This Is - old news

For the faithful few you may recall that last October I posted about my Halloween Costume "old news" when inspired by Project Runway I made my own outfit out of newspaper. Now it turns out I may have inspired Project Runway.

This weeks mission on PR was for them to make an outfit out of Newspaper! I watched as they struggled with some of the same issued me and my assistant (Brianna) had as we made our dress. They came up with some fantastic looks, but I was still pretty proud of the dress Brianna and I put together.

The contestants had many things to their advantage. First and Foremost they are designers, I took a sewing class when I was 10 or 11. They had forms to build their outfits on and adequate workspace, I had my kitchen floor. They had sewing machines I had packaging tape. They had rolls of newsprint if they wanted, I had old Good Times or Growing Up in Santa Cruz papers.

With all that in mind I think Brianna and I could have totally held our own. We rocked it out in the same time frame, we also completed a belt and a hand bag.

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