Mar 5, 2009

So Saturns Do Dent

I own a Saturn Vue, and a few of the boys in my life think that it is great fun to punch it again and again because, "Saturns don't dent, they kind of spring." Well, boys hate to let you down, but turns out Saturns do dent.

Here is the story...

Youth group went great, but Mike and I had not eaten dinner so we jumped in my car and headed out to find food. Problem is there are not a lot of options at 9pm and we were indecisive as usual, so we decided to drive until we figured it out. (this is normal in my life) But we passed everything and still had not figured out what sounded good. Then the idea of Applebee's in Watsonville came up and it was decided. So we got more gas and then got back on hwy 1 South. It was raining off and on, and I don't like driving at night that much so we were not going very fast. But all of the sudden traffic just stopped. I did not want to run into the cars in front of me so I swerved into the fast lane where there was no one. My car decided this was not a good plan and began to fishtail out of control. A truck that had been a long way's back at some point crashed into the back drivers side corner of my car, which I think made us spin and sent them skidding across the freeway. We landed in the center divide facing the beach. (though for once in my life that was not really a major concern)The truck that hit us ended up on the other side of the road facing south.

During the spinning and swerving my head banged into my drivers side window once or twice, and we both got knocked around a bit. The guys and the dog in the other vehicle were fine minus a bloody nose! Praise God!

Talk about the peace of God, as we were spinning or somewhere in there I remember clearly thinking, well I am not going to die, cause I am going to Rome, God said so. I am so thankful that no one was really hurt, and that I was with Michael. That's an angels name in the Bible and I don't know if it is who Michael was named after, but he fit the bill last night.

He was great. He made sure we were all ok, helped the guys move their truck, stayed calm and spent most of his time checking on me and making sure I was ok. I told him if I ever needed a crash buddy again I would want it to be him or someone as great as he was.

If you think my car looks bad you should see the truck that hit me. As my dad said, guess you shouldn't hit me in the butt, cause look what happens...

We went to empty all the stuff out of my car today so the insurance company can take it to the scrap yard, it was filled mostly with stuff for RAW our weekly worship service, so there were candles and prayer books strewn around my car and the freeway. Which is kind of a cool (yet not) picture of my car and the freeway being covered in prayers...literally. Which as you can tell from the pictures has to be the truth.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you and Micheal are ok!!!


Christy said...

HOLY CRAP!!! Now I know why you called!! Sorry I didn't answer!! I'm so glad you're okay!!!

Pastor Randy said...

Thanks for quoting me. ;o)

Brittany said...

Glad you are okay...sorry that the guys were sooooooo wrong!

Brandon K. Baker said...

First of all: Glad you're ok.

Secondly: It didn't dent! It just broke. Look, it's cracked and broken, not a true dent. Plus, look at the other vehicle. Who won that battle?

Once again, glad everyone made it out ok. And the question that is on everyone's mind:

Did you still make it to applebees? ;)

trinity said...

No we never did make it to Applebee's the tow truck dropped us off at 7-11. I offered to buy Michael something, but we had kinda lost our appetite by then. I did purchase some Advil.

Meg said...

Sooo sorry that this happened to you, very pleased that YOU made it out unscathed... and I'm loving the romantic notion that there were prayers and candles intermingled with the accident site. Different, yet very powerful. Love you!!

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