Nov 8, 2007

Question of the Day...

Who's your favorite Muppet? And why?


Pastor Randy said...

Monster, the drummer in the band. My favorite quotes,
"BEAT DRUMS!!" and from the end of the credits from the first Muppet Movie, "GO HOME!!!"

I also like Beaker, and, depending on my mood, Fozzie Bear can hit the spot.

trinity said...

Monster? His name is Animal I believe.

Brittany said...

The drummers name is Animal. Geesh.

My favorite is Rowlf the dog who plays the piano is is just a soulful dog. And Rizzo the Rat. Totally says exactly what he's saying.

trinity said...

Oddly considering my dislike of rats, I would have to admit that I have always kinda liked Rizzo and his straight forward style. I do not like them (him and the rest of the rats) in the kitchen in The Muppet Movie. It is just disturbing to have rats in kitchens, and now thinking about it I feel as though maybe that new movie,ratatouille is just a rip off of that scene.

Krista said...

I'm with Dad that I like Animal...but if it's his favorite he really should know his name.

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