May 30, 2007

Teal Leather

I'll admit that I have a thing for shoes, as do I am told many women. But until recent my love of shoes was limited mostly to red shoes, and the occasional pair of Steve Madden's. That was until maybe a month or so ago when I fell in love with shoes. Not all shoes, but amazing shoes. Shoes that I have always been able to walk by before without much more than a glance now seem to call out my name.

Usually my bank account keeps me in line though. Knowing that the choice is between rent and shoes, or grocery's and shoes, helps me to say yes they are amazing, but I will have to wait.

That is until this week, this week when the shoes I had been ogling over went on sale. Still I told myself, "self, they will not fit." So I tried them on to prove to myself I was right. As is often the case, (but not with shoes) I was wrong. They fit. They not only fit, they felt amazing. And they looked amazing. But sale or no sale I knew I could not just plunk down the cash (card) and get the shoes. At least not till Wednesday when I got paid. So I had them put on hold...thinking, "that will give me time to come to my senses."

I even called my friend to discuss the shoes, sure that she would talk me out of buying them, after all how practical are teal shoes? Instead she pointed out how logical it was and broke down the cost with an equation about how often I would wear said shoes vs the price. We ended up deciding that they were not much worse than buying coffee. How we got to that conclusion I am still wondering about.

All this to say, that today I gave in and bought myself an early birthday present. See, aren't they amazing...

Totally worth the splurge, after all what's the fun in being a girl if you can't have the shoes to go with it.


Christy said...

sorry I couldn't talk you out of the shoes and they are amazing!!!

trinity said...

that's okay, I still love you! And the shoes too!

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